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CIVIL Laboratories

Departmental Labs :

Structural Engineering Laboratory:-

Structural Analysis experiments help to understand, to know the practical behavior of the physical structures like beams, different arches, roof truss etc. A proper structural analysis of these structures helps the students to solve the practical problems.  Different structural apparatus like Two-Hinge Arch, Three- Hinge Arch, Simply Supported Beam, Curved Member of Different shape, Pin Joint Truss are available in the laboratory

Fluid Mechanics Lab:-

A basic knowledge of Fluid mechanics and machinery is essential for all the scientists and engineers because they frequently come across a variety of problems involving flow of fluids such as in aerodynamics, force of fluid on structural surfaces, fluid transport. This fluid mechanics lab helps to understand these physical processes more closely. Various apparatus are available in the laboratory like, Verification of Bernoulli's theorem apparatus, venturi & Orifice meters, orifice & mouth piece apparatus, Flow over notches apparatus, vortex flow apparatus etc. 

Soil Mechanics Lab:-

Soil Testing is an integral part of soil mechanics and foundation engineering. A proper evaluation of soil samples and analysis of test results are essential of students and practicing civil Engineers. Tri-axial Testing machine, Direct Shear testing machine, Unconfined compression testing machine , consistency limit testing machines  available in the laboratory.

Transportation Lab:-

For the design the construction of highway and airfield, it is imperative to carry out tests on construction materials for their scientific designing and economic utilization. The prime objective of the different tests in use is to know and classify the pavement material into different group depending upon their physical and strength or stability characteristics. Marshall Stability Testing machine,  ductility testing machine, penetration testing machine aggregate impact testing  machine, abrasion  testing machine, CBR testing machine are available in the laboratory.


Concrete Technology Lab:-

The testing and inspection of concrete and concrete aggregates are important elements in obtaining quality construction. The laboratory allows students test to assess the various fresh and hardened concrete properties that may affect the performance of concrete members. There many apparatus and machines available at the concrete technology lab like Sieve Shaker, Compressive testing machine, Flexure Testing Machine, Compaction Factor Apparatus, Heat of Hydration apparatus, Permeability apparatus etc. 

Engineering Geology Lab:-

The identification of different types of rocks and understanding their behavior are the major objectives of geology. Further, development of cracks, fissures in rocks, their causes and their remedies are to be learnt in this lab. 

Environmental Engineering Lab:-

The Environmental Engineering laboratory practical provides good insight into different experimental methods relevant to Environmental Engineering.  In this lab we performs various test on drinker water and sewage samples to check pH value, total dissolved solids, BOD and COD, total suspended particles etc. as per BIS standard. It helps in to assess the water quality standard of the region, pollution load in sewage and working efficiency of sewage and other water treatment unit. Experiment on ambient air pollution parameter such as SOx, NOx and SPM, and noise pollution measurement are also performed in this lab.



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