Social Sensitivity
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Social Sensitivity



All business schools strive to develop successful and competent managers who can occupy the topmost echelons of the corporate ladder but they often forget to inculcate a sense moral responsibility in their students towards their society and environment.

The drastic changes in the society, there is a need to cultivate the good habits and to bring awareness among the youngsters to become a responsible citizen of tomorrow. 

RPS, however, has always been cognizant of an institute’s role in shaping the thought processes of its students. From the Rural Awareness Programme to the RPS Management Dept., from school adoption to computer literacy programmes, the Institute has a lot to offer through its ambit of social sensitivity.

The Awareness Programme, is organized with the sole purpose of raising awareness about a poignant social issue. Similarly, the Rural Awareness Programme aims not only at exposing students to the rural population but also at apprising them about a society that exists beyond the familiar urban limits.

The Institute’s creed is to not only focus on creating entrepreneurs but to also stress on the importance of developing social entrepreneurs.

School Adoption Programme

RPS’s does not only educate its students about social responsibility but also believes in actively taking part in bringing about this change. A team of volunteers, led by senior faculty members, visits these schools and identifies the common problems plaguing these institutions. The adoption of these schools means analysing and solving all the issues whether they are related to classroom lighting or the lack of pure drinking water.

During the first phase of the programme, over 40 pupils were provided with stationery items to facilitate their learning.

This initiative of continued learning was further pursued in the third phase which took place over the winter, wherein all students were provided with school bags, sweaters, shoes and socks to keep them warm and motivated.

Continuing this on-going effort in this Year, during July 2017, two water purifiers were installed inside the school premises to address the absence of drinking water.

With all the expenses borne by the Institute, our belief that education should trump any cost is brought to the fore through such initiatives.



Every next year, Management student takes the onus of educating students from a nearby government school about computers as well as on how to use it.

Later in the year, Management students conduct a one-month long Adult Literacy Programme that focuses on imparting class 10 level education to the worker staff of our Institute. This creates the opportunity for them to acquire new skills. Also, the members engage in other activities including a Tree Plantation Drive, Career Counseling for school students, a Blood Donation camp and a Book Donation Drive. 

“We hope they would continue providing their support to financially underprivileged students”.